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Default Boxer as first dog?

Hi all

I would be very greatful if you could help me with advice on the Boxer.

We ( me and my sister) have never owned our own dog before and we are in love with the Boxer its the only dog we both love and the boxer suits both of us. every time we see one in the park/town or at crufts and at work for me as im a vet nurse , we both melt inside and light up. Our auntie has always owned them so we were brought up around them and understand the breed as I also studied the breed for Five years reading hundreds of books meeting as many boxers as I can ( my sister is reading the books now as she did not have the time when she was at uni on her medical degree or after when she did her foundation training but shes now finally got more time so the time is right for us to get a dog). the thing is I was talking to a local boxer owner and she said that boxers are not first dogs because they are very challenging and have a few issues that a newbie would not be able to cope with like there potential to become aggressive and because of there gurding nature and that if it goes wrong it can be dangerous with a boxer.

What do you think do you agree. Or do you think boxers can make great first dog?

The boxer owner recommended a Labrador Retriever for first time owners but we just can't help how we feel about the boxer and neither of us want a lab , we plan on going to training class's and even getting a one to one trainer to help us with him ( we know we prefer boys) being our first Dog so that we can prevent issues rather than fix them.

We are both very active enjoying hikes and country walks on a regular basis and we have plenty of time for training and socialisation as my sister now works from home.

My auntie said she thinks we will be fine as we are going to be going into it with our eyes wide open and have done our research and are going to put effort and time to our boxer so we will be fine.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone.
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For your other post, if you haven’t made 3 separate posts it is probably blocking you.
If you have, send a message to an admin to see why you can’t post in some areas.

Boxers are stubborn and high energy which is not for everyone and it makes them more challenging for first time owners.
It sounds like you have a basic understanding of their traits and you plan on taking classes.
The classes in my experience is more for us than them. We have to learn to be consistent and learn the basic training techniques.
Once you know the basic commands you can use them on most any breed.

You definitely have to be assertive with Boxers and be the alpha. Some are less rambunctious than others. Some can be scary when they bark or talk, two of ours will bark when they want to play, but knowing their personalities and how we have trained them, we know it’s not aggression. They would never intentionally bite someone

I think you’d be OK as long as you are committed to learning, training and caring for them. And have some patience.

Getting a male should also make it easier for a first time owner too.
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My first dog as an adult was a boxer. I was brought up by labradors so I know about dogs, and I believe that I am pretty firm with mine and don’t “baby” her. My partner had never had dogs as an adult or a child and his first was a boxer as with my teenage children, I think the problem is with first time owners is that they are too soft and inconsistent and also believe that the dog always does the right thing and can do no wrong, so gives it too much leeway and with boxers they are very clever and if they think that they are controlling you then it may not go well. It has gone well (generally) for my boxer although there have been times when she took matters into her own paws and disgraced herself. Be firm, get dog training lessons (meaning you get trained) and remember they are animals then you will be fine, but there are no guarantees! Good luck, boxers are great.
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Welcome to the forum.

I think I have heard people say that about most bully breeds and working dog breeds and I personally think its kind of ridiculous.

I would say do research(which it sounds like you have) , talk to breeders and owners and if that dog fits your lifestyle and you are willing to put it in the time for training/exercise to make it work, go for it.

Also if you go to a responsible breeder they will try to match up a pup with what you are looking for as far as drive, personality, etc.

I've had four different breeds of dogs before I got my boxer and I can say that almost nothing I did with those previous dogs is how I trained with my boxer. So owning dogs before him really had no bearing.

A quick for instance, my golden retriever was by far the easiest to train as all i needed was a tennis ball to train him. He was never on leash and wouldn't budge from my side. My boxer was totally different as he would pick things up quicker but I found from help with a member on here that his motivation was using his meal as a training reward. He is not toy motivated or treat motivated.

Basically what I'm saying is every dog is different and you have to find out how your pup responds. There will always be trial and error but thats how you learn.

If you think you are ready go for it and good luck
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Hello, Jenny
You could read The Complete Boxer.. By Tim Hutchings which I think is one of the best out there.
Also give him a ring on the telly, he could put you on to a healthy stock.
Let us know how you make out.. Me personally I think there is no other breed to even consider. You and your sister would need a decent space for a back yard. As they do need there Daily exercise
Good luck on your quest.
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First welcome to the forum. Any breed can be a challenge as a first time dog owner. I think boxers are wonderful and I also have a standard poodle. I have found him more challenging to train than the boxer but I am a long time dog owner of both big and small dogs GSD and rottweilers. I use a firm but gentle hand on my dogs. Just remember your training starts the moment you bring that puppy into your home. Just remember it is important to buy from a reputable breeder, who has heal tested the parents prior to breeding for genetic issues. My boxer (who actually belongs to my adult daughter who live at home) is a wonderful dog. He has not an aggressive bone in him though I think he would if someone approached us in an aggressive way, though I wonder, lol. I can bring anyone into my home and he is fine with them. He was taught from day one that he is not allowed out an open door and he must sit and wait to be introduced. After that he is your new best friend.
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