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Default Chewing

HI my 16 month old female boxer is chewing on everything. Just this morning she chewed my sons eye glasses. This only happens when we are not home or while we sleep at night. She has multiple chew toys at all times. I just recently went out an bought her a second KONG so she has her cage one and her second one on hand through out the house all day we even add peanut butter or a pepperoni cheese to it at night but for some reason she goes for other items. Even when she is outside she finds items that do not belong to her and we redirect her to her toys as soon as we step away she has something else. We own 2 other boxers who are with her at all times. We have an older female Carmella who is 12 & CJ who is 7 we have never experienced this before...PLEASE HELP!!
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Have never had an issue like this so I can't speak from experience. But if she was my dog, I would probably make sure she isn't unsupervised til she could be trusted, whether its being leashed or crated when you can't have eyes on. It could eventually lead to a very large vet bill or something worse if she eats the wrong thing. I would also train "leave it" if she doesn't already know it.

Hopefully some one who has actually dealt with this will chime in. Good luck
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We found that spraying things with anti chew spray really worked, we sprayed shoes, chair legs and the Christmas presents around the tree. I would say that it worked for us but perhaps my dog was not a chewer to start off with. Best of luck.
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My guy was not a crazy chewer unless bored. We did crate him up till he ws 2 when he wasn't supervised. AS he behaved he got more and more freedom. WE use to give him those stuffed marrow bones made by Dentley which we found at petsMart. They will occupy him for a great while. Our boy will be 5 next month, I can't believe it. He is a quiet mellow guy and one wouldn't even know he was in the house.
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Our older two boxers chewed on things until they were around 1 to 1.5 years-old, but really didn't touch anything but toys after.

Our 2.5 year-old boxer, Bandit, has done well overall, but he's been more of a mischief chewer. We've tried the sprays but they don't work with him. If he were human I'd say he has an oral fixation, and I guess that can be a thing with a dog. He has to taste just about everything and is a licker. He knows "No" and we haven't done as well on the "leave it" command as the other two boxers, but the "No" command is effective.

He had done well being home alone with the other two dogs for months and then one day he go into a bathroom trashcan- so that door is closed now. Some may not feel that's the right solution, but it works for us.
There was also one day he decided to pull something that was slightly hanging over a counter that had previously been ignored by them all forever. He knew when we found it that he was wrong, and we don't leave anything hanging over the counter anymore. We are accountable for his ultimate safety so we try to be pro-active in what we do.

Luckily for us he chews things up but doesn't ingest them. He's been good the last few months in not getting into things he shouldn't. We try to be conscious about what we leave out that he could get into just in case he gets a wild hair and we aren't there to correct him.

I agree with Matt, that if you have a way to corral her when you aren't home, that would be best until she's OK being out unsupervised. Try to watch what you leave access to that she may find appealing- of course you can't take away everything and at some point you'll have to trust her and see if she does the right thing.

Hopefully when she's through her teething cycles she will stick to her toys. Our boys have had plenty of toys since they were puppies, and it seems that no matter how many or what toys they have, they still find other things to get into. We were consistent with changing out things they were chewing on when they were younger with things that they could. It's about impossible to do that with everything in your house....

She should do better in time w/ consistency, supervision and giving her the toys and things that she can have.
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My 10 week old chews on everything. I've been trying to redirect him to an appropriate toy when I see him start to chew on something like a shoe, furniture, etc.
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Is she 16 months or 16 weeks??? There is a Hugh difference there??

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