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Originally Posted by chip18 View Post
Aww well if I must?? If your looking just to hear a lot of "talk/noise" about Boxers??? Then FB is your friend.

If all your looking for is talk talk and are content with uh endless tons of "How Cute Is This" of well uh badly behaved Boxers doing what Boxers will do without, well Structure Rules and Limitations, then Facebook is your friend!

Now if you happen to have one of the well rare Boxers with serious issues?? The good luck with getting help on FB! I will also add "Boxer World (Forum) to the stack of useless information for Boxer Owners with serious freaking issues! Positive Only .. is not of much use with a "Boxer Wrong" believe that!

At the same time ... well that is also the same reason for low traffic on the Board. Boxer's with serious "behavioral Issues" are fairly rare on this board?? On here a Boxer with uh "serious freaking issues??" Is a pretty rare occurrence ... maybe one or two a year since I have been here??

On here BTE 2 is a "Pro" and he deals with lot's of Boxers! So perhaps his scale of "issue" prone Boxers would differ greatly from mine??

Nonetheless, I'm gonna go with "Working line Dogs" as a category. And with that as a category ... why the low traffic??

Well the simple answer is because with "Boxers" most reasonably competent owners ... don't have a lot of "issues??"

For the most part ... the usual Boxer complaint with a typical well adjusted (non abused) and reasonably behaved Boxer ... would be uh ... Over Excitement with Guest in the home and jumping up on people??

In Boxer World ... that kinda crap happens "all the time!" And it can make people nuts??? But in the World of Working line ... that crap is "Nothing!"

If you narrow the field down to I want a "working line dog" but not looking for "serious issues??" Boxers would be uh( save for Females??)

And on a scale of 1 to 10 ... I would put Boxers at a 2 or 3?? A 2 or 3 for dogs with issues ... is not gonna generate a lot of traffic??

If you wanna get "internet traffic" and you know owners with uh issues??" A Boxer is poor choice.

On a scale of 1 to 10 and in my view a solid tie to number 10 would e either a WL German Shepard Dog (LOL I had One!) or a Malinois!

If your looking for internet traffic and uh "issues??" Well that is where you will them! With those guys ... if you are halfway competent, they won't threaten "YOU!" But you know "Everyone Else??" Is fair game! And on Germanshepardforum ... issues roll in daily!! My Rocky is well know here (over Size, Workingline GSD) and on the Germanshepardforum!

But LOL I had uh issues with a LE K9 Handler on that forum and I got Banned! But hey I hung with the best and he also banned one of friends ... that was also a K9 pro!! And he told SlamDunc (freaking tool) that his new Mal/GSD cross ex Military K9 ... was "too much dog for civil duty?? Was gonna hurt someone! Well ... my friend was right was right! And Slam's dog craved up the Kennel Master! So ...yeah.

But back on point as a general rule on here ... won't you don't see a lot of is my dog snaps at, threatens me/strangers/kids?? Kills, bites, maims kids strangers or other pets in the home!

I did not see all of that with my particular OS Wl GSD but I did see some of it! Rocky my WL GSD ... is how I got the first stitches in my life ever! Breaking up a pack fight, no Boxer Involvement!

Ah well ... craqp like that is what helps to generate "interest" and of note ... GSD's are "High Rank Drive" Bully Breeds and Boxers (my area of expertise, not so much ...who knew??)

Nonetheless I luv'd my GSD ... he saved me from getting mauled by charging dogs ... another well story. But my Struddell despite her "Dark Side" and that is a female Boxer thing but uh another story.

At any rate just saying "low traffic" here mostly because ... not a lot of problems with this "breed" and really that is not a bad thing.
Thank you Chip18.

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Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
I am not on FB but I have found some valuable information on Boxer Forum and it has helped point me in the right direction when medical problems have come up. I have appreciated the support of some of the wonderful boxers owners here that I have interacted with there are a lot of positive people on this site (some negative).
Thanks Luvmiboxers.

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That is one beautiful boxer!.. I absolutely love his "look". We do need to liven up this board some, its been awfully quiet lately. Its not just for complaints or problems. WE can share the good things too.
Later today or tomorrow I will share some new photos of Kai. Today is his 5th birthday. I can't believe he is 5 already. He is a great boy who causes no trouble.
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Would love to see some new pictures of Kai. I like that there is light hearted conversation on this site there are enough bad things in this world lets just love our dogs and be proud of them and enjoy talking with other like minded people! I would never say I have not had a behavioral problem with one of my dogs but we worked together on it and fixed it! Some things we just learn to live with and make them the best we can be. In the mean time we fix ourselves and find out how we can be as good a human as our dogs think we are!
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