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Default Spay & Neuter

When I got my puppy at 10 weeks I decided I wouldn't get her spayed unless the treatment was absolutely required. I felt that I wouldn't put her through any unnecessary operation just because there is pressure in the dog community to have our pets spayed and neutered. Also after lots of reading and research it seemed like there are pros and cons to keeping our dogs complete as nature intended.

I have no problem dealing with discharge and blood during my dog's season, and I am a very responsible owner to make sure she doesn't come into contact with male dogs while she is in heat.

What do you all think about spaying and neutering?

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I did have my female spayed when she was 6 months old as I have seen dogs with mammory cancers from not being spayed. But having said that my male is almost 8 months old now and the Vet is recommending not neutering until he is at least 15 months so I am waiting and since my female is spayed there is no problem there What I have not been able to determine is why is it ok to spay a female and not neuter the male. Won't the same issues happen to them they are talking about bone formation and ligaments in the knee joints and I have now heard all kinds of pros and cons to spay or not. I think you can only go with what you feel in your heart is best for your dog. I think some breeders are saying not to spay or neuter until they are 2. We can all only do what we think is best and if you have her heat cycle time under control and don't mind the mess I would think that's up to you It seems there are risks no matter what you do I know you will do the best for that gorgeous girl!
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I do believe in spaying and neutering but not until they have finished growing, once the growth plates are fully developed. You may find this an interesting read.
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Can't speak for the females, but my guy is 3 1/2 and still intact. If he smells a female in heat, he can get a tad rambunctious, which is normal, but outside of that, he is much more stable than most neutered male dogs I have met.
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I have had 6 boxers now this is my 3rd male. The first male I had was found to have a heart murmur so I had the echo cardio gram done and all the nine yards and I was told then it was a low grade murmur but any surgery could be an added risk for him because of his heart so I decided not to neuter him, he was good though never had a problem with him related to being in tact he did however tear both of his knees (one at at a time) (squirrel in back yard both times) he did get a brain tumor at 10. The other male I had was cryptorchid so I was advised to neuter as the one testicle that did not drop would most likely become cancerous so I did it. He had a good disposition as well but after neutering he was much more calm and listened better I lost him at 3 from DCM. So that's why its hard to make a decision on this boy I have now he already has a calm and sweet disposition he is very active (only 8 months old) he is starting to notice where other males have urinated on our walks and he is very tolerant of my female whom he dwarfs now she can sometimes be with him a "rhymes with witch" with him he ignores most of it. My Vet is still recommending 2 years old for neuter but I wonder if we wait that long what's the use in doing it? Just an observation
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